What is OpenLinux?

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OpenLinux is a Linux distribution, or collection of specially tweaked software, configuration files, and utilities, pressed on a CD-ROM by Caldera Systems, Inc. You can find a CD-ROM chock-full of software in the back of this book that contains everything you need to start teaching yourself Linux.Caldera Systems, Inc. (derived from its parent company, Caldera, Inc.) first produced a Linux distribution in 1994. The OpenLinux distribution has several features not provided in other distributions, such as Est, Inc.'s BRU-2000 backup and restore client, DR-DOS, NetWare 3.x and 4.x utilities, the NetWare NDS client, Corel's WordPerfect S for Linux, and the latest StarOffice office suite. Caldera also preconfigured the desktop panel of the K Desktop Environment to work specifically with the programs installed from this book's CD-ROM.

BRU-2000 and StarOffice 5.0 are not actually included in the version of OpenLinux 2.2 included on the CD-ROM for the book, both both are avail­able for free download from the Web.

Another outstanding feature of this Linux distribution is that Caldera has made the process of installing Linux easier than ever by including limited editions of Power Quest's PartitionMagic and Boot Magic on the CD-ROM. You'll be pleasantly surprised!