Graphing with StarCalc

StarCalc can easily create complex graphs of your spreadsheet's data. The first step is to click and drag to select the desired spreadsheet data.

To start drawing a graph, click the Insert Object button (the third button down) on the vertical toolbar to the left of your chart's work area. A small toolbar appears. Click the tiny chart icon, and your cursor turns into a plus sign (+) with a tiny chart. Click and drag on a blank area of your spreadsheet to set the initial size of your graph. When you release your left mouse button, the AutoFormat Chart dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 19.13.

You can also open the Insert menu and click the Chart menu item to start

the AutoFormat Chart dialog box.

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easy way to start cre­ating chart graphics of your spreadsheet's data.


To build your chart, select any desired options and click the Next button. Continue through the AutoFormat dialog boxes until you arrive at a final dialog box with a button labeled Create (as shown in Figure 19.14).Figure 19.14

A single click of a but­ton creates a chart graphic of your spreadsheet's data.


Your chart appears in the previously selected area of your spreadsheet (as shown in Figure 19.15). You can then move, resize, or edit the chart. If you click the chart and then press Ctrl+C, you can paste the chart into another StarCalc or StarWriter document.