Configuring WordPerfect for Printing

If you downloaded and installed the free-for-personal-use edition of Corel's WordPerfect 8 for Linux from, you need to follow several steps to print. This involves adding and selecting a printer driver as the default printer.

1. Start WordPerfect, and then press the F5 key. In the WordPerfect Print dialog box, click the Select button.

2. A Select Printer dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 15.5. Click the Printer Create/Edit button.

FiGuRE 15.5

3. A Printer Create/Edit dialog box appears. Click the Add button.

4. An Add Printer Driver dialog box (shown in Figure 15.6) with a scrolling list of printer drivers appears. Scroll through the list, click the Passthru PostScript driver (, and click the OK button.

5. A tiny Create Printer dialog box appears, using the name passpost.prs. Click the OK button.

6. The Printer Create/Edit dialog box reappears with the Passthru PostScript printer highlighted. Click the Setup button.

7. A Printer Setup dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 15.7. Near the bottom of the dialog box, click the Destination button.

The WordPerfect Select Printer dialog box is used to create or edit printers.Figure 15.6

Select the Passthru PostScript WordPerfect printer driver to create a printer for OpenLinux.

In the Printer Setup dialog box, click the Destination button in the Current Destination section to select a document des­tination.


8. A Select Destination dialog box appears (as shown in Figure 15.8), listing SPRINTER, Disk, lp, and ps. Click ps, and then click the OK button.

9. In the Printer Setup dialog box, click the OK button. In the Printer Create/Edit dia­log box, click the OK button. In the Select Printer dialog box, click the OK button. You're now at the main Print dialog box. Click OK to print the current document or Cancel to cancel the printing operation. (You won't lose the new printer you cre­ated.)

If you set up printing to work correctly under OpenLinux before starting these steps, you can now print WordPerfect documents to your printer!Figure 15.8

In the Select Destination dialog box, you complete your printer setup.