Q I'd like to learn more about modems and faxing. What resources are there?

A First, read the documentation for the efax and mgetty+sendfax programs to learn more about using these programs with OpenLinux. If you'd like to read a good, non-specific operating system overview of using modems and modem software, read Peter Chen's What You Need to Know about Modems, at http://www.vix.com/flexfax/Modems-PeterChen.

Q I'd like to turn off the high-pitched squeal my modem makes when it connects. How do I do this?

A Read your modem's documentation for the specifics, but in general, the ATM0 com­mand turns off your modem.

Q I want to hear the modem dial out and connect, but I don't want it to be so loud!

A Try using the ATM1 command to enable sound, and then try to use the ATLx com­mand, where x represents a number from 0 (low) to 3 (high) speaker volume. This feature is not supported by all modems.

Q My modem sometimes disconnects during my on-line sessions!

A If you have call waiting, it is possible that an incoming call can disrupt your modem. Try adding *70 to the front of any dial string (such as ATDT*70) to disable call waiting.