Q I still can't get X11 working with my computer's graphics card and monitor! What can I do?

A If you have a troublesome graphics card (which usually happens with the latest equipment), try using a commercial X11 distribution for OpenLinux from a vendor such as MetroLink, Inc. (http://www.metrolink.com) or Xi Graphics, Inc. (http://www.xig.com). You can probably get much better support for newer cards.

Q What is the best window manager to use for X11?

A This is a religious question, and beyond the scope of this book. One good site to check for different window managers includes http://www.PLiG.org/-xwinman/ where you can find links to at least 40 different GUIs for X.

Q How many different window managers for X11 are there?

A More than you'll ever want installed on your computer! There are more than 100. For example, if you want your desktop to look like an Apple Macintosh, try the mlvwm window manager at: http://www.bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/member/ tak/mlvwm.html

Q Hey! You haven't mentioned the GNU's Network Object Model Environment! What gives?

A GNU GNOME development is moving along quite rapidly at the time of this writ­ing. Like KDE, GNOME development is aimed at providing a quality environment and interface support for all versions of Linux. KDE is included with OpenLinux and has had the advantage of building increased popularity and adherents before GNOME's latest releases. You can find out more about GNOME by browsing to http://www.gnome.org.